Selling The Comix Reader

The Comix Reader is the UK's first first major alternative comics newspaper to arrive since the heyday of the late-60s counterculture. It's aim : to reignite the free spirit of the underground press. It’s contributors are a rogues gallery of the UK’s funniest, edgiest and weirdest cartoonists.
The A3 pages look beautiful, and as a 24-page colour tabloid costing only £2 the Comix Reader is the easiest sell in town – with 1000s having been sold in select London comic shops. Give it a prominent location in your shop and we know from experience that it sells itself!

Reviews are here and here. Page samples and history here.

If you have an account with Diamond distribution, the order codes are :

FEB127900 – The Comix Reader #1
FEB127901 – The Comix Reader #2
FEB127902 – The Comix Reader #3
JUN127802 – The Comix Reader #4

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If you don't have an account with Diamond, and want to order direct from us then you can buy The Comix Reader at 50% cover price (minimum order of 100 copies). Contact Richard Cowdry ( or Mike Medaglia (, and be part of the New Comix Revolution!

The Comix Reader issue 1

The premier issue of Britain's biggest alternative comics anthology is widely available for the first time! Behind a cover by Richard Cowdry (Vice Magazine, The Stool Pigeon), are the liveliest, funniest UK cartoonists since the days of Ally Sloper's Half Holiday. Featured artists in issue 1 include Tobias Tak (Hotwire Comics), Gareth Brookes (winner of the 2012 Myriad Press Graphic Novel Competition), Ellen Lindner (America’s Best Comics), and Paul O’Connell (Dazed and Confused, The Guardian).

"There really is no reason not to pick it up next time you're in a comic shop." Existential Ennui Read full review of issue 1 :
The Comix Reader issue 2

With this second issue, The Comix Reader once again presents a unique blend of established talent, new discoveries, outsider art and unsung heroes of the art form.
Behind a cover by alt comics mainstay Lord Hurk you'll find soon to be megastars Elliot Baggott, Hannah Eaton and Kevin Ward, plus Cowdry, Tak, and the usual gang of talented misfits, and the UK's weirdest (and funniest) outsider cartoonists.

"the most alternative of the current anthology set" -
Richard Bruton, Forbidden Planet

The Comix Reader issue 3

Hot off the press, Comix Reader issue 3 is easily the best issue yet. Behind a stunning cover by Elliot Baggott, we find the return of Bird and Paul O'Connell (with his amazing Carousel strip) from issue 1, plus regulars Richard Cowdry, Lord Hurk, Ralph Kidson, Tobias Tak (with a double length contribution!) and a lovely debut strip from Mike Medaglia.

“Comix! Cartoons! The funny pages! The Comix Reader, the new standard in indie cartoon anthologies, celebrates the release of its triumphant third issue.... The creative minds behind the Comix Reader, are an enthusiastic and prolific group of contributors whose sketch jams, talks and meetings make for an unprecedented underground scene.”
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