It's tomorrow...
The UK's free alternative comics fair...

Art by Paul Ashley Brown.

Art by Martyn Warren.

Don Donahue - R.I.P

The pioneering underground comix publisher died last week. Publisher of the very first issues of Zap Comix, plus other Robert Crumb comics, S.Clay Wilson, Rory Hayes, and many others.

Dan Nadal has written a nice article on Comics Comics.

Panel from "Gary's Birthday Present", 1986, published in Weirdo issue 24. Art by Dori Seda and Don Donahue.

Banal Pig's Showcase

Stevo Tillotson's new comic.
He'll be doing competitions to win a free copy in the near future, plus a special discount for banal pig lovers so watch his blog!


I highly recommend everyone checks out the new Donald Hamilton comic by Peter Lally and Paul Ashley Brown. It's one of the funniest things I've ever read. I'm not sure where it's available from, but I'll let you know when I find out. Or you could ask these guys ...

Peter Lally

Paul Ashley Brown

Hurk's Influence Map

"Influence maps" are popular amongst comics types right now. Some are interesting, some are downright scary, but Lord Hurk's is best I've seen :


Leeds Alternative Comics Fair....

Co-organizer, Steve Tillotson, reports.

Noah Van Sciver interviewed by Dan Stafford

From Avoid The Future.

New Stool Pigeon! New DownTown!

The latest issue of the Stool Pigeon is now available from all these places.

issue 28 cover image
It features lot's of comics, including a new DownTown strip by me (or at least I think it does - I haven't seen it yet). Here's the first 3 panels from it :

Underground Comix Cartoonists

Can you name them all?

WAR The Human Cost - 260 Page Comic Book & CD

Sean (Paper Tiger) Duffield is raising funds to publish his latest comics anthology. The details are here :

This Saturday : Leeds Alternative Comics Fair

Saturday 18th Sept 2010, from 12-6pm, at A Nation of Shopkeepers, Leeds.


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