The Comix Reader is an alternative comics newspaper that attempts to reignite the free spirit of the underground press. It presents a unique blend of established talent, new discoveries, outsider art and unsung heroes of the art form. It’s contributors are a rogues gallery of the UK’s funniest, edgiest and weirdest cartoonists.
More info here about why we chose our format and the tradition of newsprint comics.
Here you can read about the genesis of a Comix Reader cover, and learn more about the paper's raison d'etre.

Comix Reader issue 1 pages by Richard Cowdry, Alex Potts, Paul O'Connell/Lawrence Elwick, Sina Evil, Kat Kon, and Saban Kazim.

The Comix Reader is an experiment in distribution and publishing. The comic is half distributed by Diamond, and half by the contributors themselves. 9,000 copies are printed and paid for by the artists. Diamond then takes orders from traditional comic outlets, and the "Comix Strippers" take it everywhere else. The paper is sold at music festivals, comedy gigs, in pubs, bookshops, record shops, on the beach and on the street.
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Comix Reader issue 2 pages by Lord Hurk, Tobias Tak, Julia Homersham, Richard Cowdry, Peter Lally, and Elliot Baggott.

Regular contributors include Richard Cowdry (Vice Magazine, The Stool Pigeon), Tobias Tak (Hotwire Comics), Gareth Brookes (winner of the 2012 Myriad Press Graphic Novel Competition), Ellen Lindner (America’s Best Comics), and Paul O’Connell (Dazed and Confused, The Guardian). Plus Lord Hurk, Peter Lally, Kat Kon, Alex Potts, Julia Homersham, Steve Tillotson, Elliot Baggott, Ralph Kidson, Kevin Ward, Paul Ashley Brown, Jimi Gherkin, Bernadette Bentley, Saban Kazim, Bird, Tim & Alex Levin, Lawrence Elwick, Sina Evil, Barnaby Richards, Joe Sumner, Daniel Locke, Hannah Eaton, Tanya Meditzky, Sean Duffield, Maartje Schalkx, Mike Medaglia, Craig Burston, James Parsons, Dickon Harris, and Scott Smith.

Comix Reader issue 3 pages by Elliot Baggott, Mike Medaglia, Bird, Paul O'Connell, James Parsons, and Lord Hurk.

"There really is no reason not to pick it up next time you're in a comic shop." Existential Ennui Read their full review of issue 1.

“The creative minds behind the Comix Reader are an enthusiastic and prolific group of contributors whose sketch jams, talks and meetings make for an unprecedented underground scene.” GOSH!

"the most alternative of the current anthology set" - Richard Bruton, Forbidden Planet

Comix Reader issue 4 pages by Tobias Tak, Ralph Kidson/Martin Meeks, Noelle Barby, Saban Kazim, Richard Cowdry, and Tobias Tak.


  1. picked up issue 2 and 3 today in cambridge, came online to find this page. Ordered issue one.
    Great idea, great comic, as soon as I saw it I felt this is what is missing from my living room.
    Cheers guys, looking forward to more editions.
    great format by the way. Love the newspaper.