Next *TUESDAY* is this month's Comix Meeting! Not at The Crown... at The MILLER!!

Yep, we're moving the day AND the pub! The next Alternative/Underground Comix meeting is Tues 4th October at THE MILLER near London Bridge.
So that's TUESDAY October 4, 8ish (or earlier if you like) until closing at The Miller Pub, 96 Snowfields, London Bridge.
The Crown was cool when we could sit upstairs, because there was lots of room & and it was easy to circulate and talk to everyone. But now they keep closing that part of the pub at 9pm... and if we're sitting in the regular bar downstairs it just ain't so spacious.
So our monthly get together for Comix Kids picks itself up, blows the dust off, and hops a freight train to London Bridge, from where it's but a short walk to The Miller.
So do come along.... it's a chance to chat with people like yourself who dig alternative & underground comix. Bring some comics or art to talk about if you like, or just sit in the corner hunched over your latest obscure comix finds.
Also, it should go without saying that these meetings are a bullshit free zone, with zero tolerance for any kind of abuse. Cool people only!

Art by Dan Clowes and Hurk.


The Board and I - Selling the Comix Reader

Good ol' Ellen Lindner writes :

"This summer I took to the road, and even sometimes the streets, as part of a grand experiment in comics distribution called The Comix Reader.
The Comix Reader is a comics newspaper edited by Richard Cowdry and published in the UK. All of the artists club together – there are 22 of us in each issue – and contribute to a giant publishing pot. We print about 9000 copies of the Reader, and we each get a sizeable number to distribute ourselves.
Staring at a pile of literally hundreds of comics can be a daunting experience. And with a majority of the cartoonists involved living in London, just taking some to the local comic book shop is not a viable way of selling them.
So what's a girl to do? My pal J. Homersham, the author of Chuckle Sandwich, has come up with a great solution – THE BOARD.
The Board is basically a hand-made sandwich board. I got my first taste of The Board at this year's West Dean Festival, where J. Homersham and her partner Gareth Brookes had a stall for selling comics as part of their Aaah! Distro project.
We walked that board all over the festival. Unlike my prior experiences of selling comics on the street, where I felt that myself and my audience were, urm, not communicating (I often got the feeling that they thought I was some kind of religious fanatic) the Board made things very simple and clear. We are selling a self-published comic called The Comix Reader. It costs one pound. If you'd like one, we are here to serve. As the Brits say, end of."

Check out the video of J. Ho and El working the Board!


Comix Meeting this Wednesday (7th September)

(Image from here).

Hi Strippers and Comix Fans!
This Wednesday (i.e. Wednesday 7th September) is the first Wednesday of the month, which means it's time for our monthly Comix Meeting at The Crown, New Oxford Street!
More info here.
It'll be the usual thing : drinking, talking about our latest dreams & projects, and whatever else we're up to, and relaxing in a comix-friendly crowd. Have a drink, read some comix-paper, and discuss underground and alternative comix of the past, present & future.

We're usually there from 8-ish on the first floor (some people arrive earlier). Call 07790048479 if you can't find us.