Comix Reader Monthly Meet-Up

The Crown, 51 New Oxford Street London WC1A 1BL
Tuesday, December 4, 2012.  8:00pm until 11:20pm


Latest Review

Comix Reader Issue 4 reviewed in the new YOUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED.
Plus cover and interview by Comix Reader pal Dave Ziggy Greene.
Read it all here :

Your Days Are Numbered is a free quarterly, fully independent graphic fiction newspaper based in London.


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Comix Reader at SPX

Not exactly hot-off-the-press news, but our own Ellen Lindner was in a panel about British comics at SPX last weekend, and was also selling issue 3. 

Also, here's the Kickstarter link for issue 2 of The Strumpet which will feature Ellen, Tanya Meditzky and others.


Comix Reader 4 at Comic Gosh!p next week

The Comix Reader will be discussed next week at the reading group Comic Gosh!p held at Gosh London! Come along to meet some of the artists and discuss issue 4. All are welcome!

Wednesday, September 12 at 7:00pm in UTC+01 at Gosh Comics.

Artwork by Mike Medaglia (I think!)


The COMIX READER issue 4 Out Now

The UK’s funniest, edgiest, weirdest and CHEAPEST comics anthology returns with a fourth helping. Behind a new cover by lost underground cartoonist Tobias Tak, is the usual blend of established talent, new discoveries and outsider art. This issue features the return of Julia Homersham and Gareth Brookes, plus Richard Cowdry, Ralph Kidson, new alternative comics superstar Elliot Baggott, and a 2 pager by the UK's oddest cartoonist : Peter Lally.
24 page A3 colour comics tabloid. Only £1!!!!

Available from Gosh! Comics and... I'm not sure where else.

“The creative minds behind the Comix Reader are an enthusiastic and prolific group of contributors whose sketch jams, talks and meetings make for an unprecedented underground scene.” GOSH!

"the most alternative of the current anthology set" - Richard Bruton, Forbidden Planet


Ralph Kidson writes :

Dear Rich,
Comix Reader gets a plug here on this Italian chap's there's a thrilling interview with me in Italian.

There's an English "Google Translate" version here (if the link works).


Next Comix Meeting : Tuesday 1st May. Back at The Crown!

Next Tuesday (1st May) is the first Tuesday of the month, which means it's time for our monthly Comix Meeting.... back at The Crown, New Oxford Street! It's under new management, and apparently we can use the upstairs room again. We'll see anyway... and I'll see YOU on Tuesday.

Never Iron Anything

Comix Reader issues 1 - 3 reviewed on neverironanything.


Elliot Baggot at the Comix Reader 3 launch

Issue 3's cover artist writes :

I'm a little late in blogging this up, but the Comix Reader launched on Friday the 2nd to great success at Gosh! comics of No.1 Berwick Street in Soho. Thanks so much to Gosh! for hosting this event; it's the first time we've launched in an actual Comics shop, and the turnout was exceptionally good. With an open bar and a huge selection of beautiful Graphic Novels to browse, a good time was had by all-- well, most, I suppose!

One is Not Amused.

Our printer has done a fab job, and Issue 3 looks better than ever. We're packed with more artists than ever before, including our first two-page strip; a collaboration between Tobias Tak and Tanya Meditzky. In addition to that, we've also branched out into a couple of half-page strips by various artists alongside the full pages; great to have a bit more variety! It's always a bit of a giddy thrill to see something you've worked on in print; even more so when it's in a shop like Gosh!

The Newspaper in situ.

With Issue 3 back from the printers, it's time to get on board and start shipping out and finding retailers! We're lucky to be represented by Diamond Distribution this time around, so there's some real scope for getting the CR out of London and into Comics shops all over the UK! However, if you are a small business holder or know someone who might be interested in selling the CR; wether it be in a Pub, Music Venue, Theatre, Festival, Record Store, Newsagents, Gallery, Cafe, Kebab Shop or whatever; then don't hesitate to get in touch and we can talk about delivering some in batch to you!

For now, here's a few pictures of all the people who worked so hard to make it happen enjoying the big night!

Richard Cowdry and Bernadette Bentley look hopefully towards a brighter Future!

The lovely Alex Fitch of Resonance FM's Panel Borders.

Alex Potts, with his wonderful sideburns on display.

A new face to Issue 3: Dickon Harris!

A very big thank you to Stephen Walsh and the staff at Gosh! for kindly hosting our event!

Special thanks also to Mike Medaglia and his wife Lisa Woynarski for their help in setting up and taking so many great photographs all night!

Until next time, reader pals,


Next Comix Meeting : Tuesday 7th Feb

The next comix meeting is this coming Tuesday 7th Feb at The Old Bank of England, 194 Fleet Street, London EC4A 2LT
We'll be talking about the launches, exhibitions, distribution, etc.
ALSO, Jimi Gherkin will be there to talk about how Alternative Press have teamed up with this years Camden Crawl, and how The Comix Reader will be involved in that.
Hopefully see you there!


The first page for issue 3 is in. It's by Ralph Kidson and Martin Meeks.