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"The Workburger International Comics Anthology features some of the finest masterworks of world-renowned artisans and craftsmen/craftswomen of the comics medium. This skillfully woven patchwork of diverse comic strip narratives, revolving around the topic of contemporary work, has been manually assembled from many serious and witty as well as provocative and investigative artistic takes on the topic. 
Contributing artists, drawing from both theory and personal experience, have tackled this elusive term, bridled its creative momentum and harnessed its vast, explosive potential: one of work’s most useful and at the same time dangerous characteristics."

Featuring, among others, Comix Strippers Lord Hurk, Alex Potts, Paul O'Connell, Lawrence Elwick and Paul Ashley Brown.

Workburger - custom made product with a flawless defect.



Comics Are My Rock And Roll

Only EIGHT DAYS to go till the end of Daniel Baldwin's kickstarter campaign to fund his documentary about Jimi and Peter and the epic 18 day event that was the first International Alternative Press Festival back in 2011.


The Comix Reader 5 Mega-Launch at Gosh! Comics

With The Strumpet and Score and Script. 
Friday, November 8th from 7pm to 9pm
At Gosh! Comics, 1 Berwick Street, Soho, W1F 0DR


The Comix Reader issue 5 gets printed tonight!

Featuring : Alex Potts, Elliot Baggott, Paul O'Connell, Dan Locke, Bernadette Bentley, Ellen Lindner, Saban Kazim, James Parsons, Tobias Tak, Sally-Anne Hickman, Peter Lally, Lord Hurk, Richard Cowdry, Kat Kon, Sina Evil, Craig Burston, Ralph Kidson, Martin Meeks, Julia Homersham, Sean Duffield, Kevin Ward, Tanya Meditzky, Mike Medaglia, Steven Walsh, and Maartje Schalkx.


Gareth Brookes' The Black Project – Book Release and Two Upcoming Exhibitions

The Black Project comes to bookstores this September.

Between September 4th and 7th there will also be an exhibition of some of the original lino prints and embroideries that went into The Black Project, plus one or two surprise installations. It’ll all be at the London Print Studio, London W10 4RE. Further info here.

Then, as part of The Lakes International Comic Art Festival, Gareth will be showing work at the Castle Dairy in a show entitled ‘Getting Yourself A Girlfriend is Easy’ between the 16th September and November 10th. Info about all the exhibitions taking place can be found here.


Comix Reader 5 Preview Art

The Comix Reader issue 5 cover detail by Alex Potts :

Alex Potts

Not only has Alex Potts drawn the cover, he's also contributing his best Comix Reader strip so far. The first few panels are below.

Next we have artwork by Bernadette Bentley, and like Alex Potts, it's also her best strip so far for the Reader. It reminds me somehow of Rodolphe Töpffer.

Here's a bit of Thor Gang Four, a totally gonzoid and highly creative strip by Lord Hurk for CR5. Wonderful design and colours... really a great page.

Below is the first tier of Peter Lally's Opus 15, aka "Taxi". Typically raw and intense, it features a (probably real) character you'd likely rather view from a safe distance. It's the kind of strip that makes doing The Comix Reader feel worthwhile and it's Peter's best comics work so far.



Ralph Kidson at Wildseed Studios

This is cool : Ralph Kidson has an animation project in the works. He is collaborating with Wildseed Studios to animate some of his strips. According to Ralphie the project is wholly due to one of the producers picking up a copy of The Comix Reader in Gosh!
Ralph is interviewed here. Further information here.


Festival Season Continues

This year (that I can remember) we were at Angoulême, Comiket, Lineup Comics and Illustration Fair, ComicsInvasionBerlin (which was f*cking amazing), and London Radical Book Fair.

Next up are.... Alternative Press Spring Fair Saturday 1st June.

 ELCAF Saturday 22nd June (courtesy of Elliot Baggot).

 And Green Man Festival 15th - 18th August (courtesy of Gareth Brookes and Julia Homersham).


Comix Reader Monthly Meeting

We're having another Comix Reader Monthly Meeting. It's at the Crown on New Oxford Street on Tuesday the 5th of February. Please come!


Another Comix Reader review

Stumbled across another review.  This one is from

Comix Reader #3 by various - 5/5

The third issue of Richard Cowdry's Comix Reader anthology is another great comic, printed on newsprint at tabloid newspaper size and with the awesome cover price of £1. It has a lovely cover by Eliott Baggott, and a great mix of pages from small press & indie creators. Cowdry's Fat Charlie Chaplin is great, with a sense of humour that fans of his Bedsit Diaries series will recognize. Elliot Baggott follows up his lovely cover with a great joke about Johannes Guthenberg, inventor of printed movable type. Maartje Schalkx has a minimalist page that works in an impressionist suggestive way. Tanya Meditzky & Tobias Tak provide a great two page comic about a walking tree who wants a makeover. Steve Tillotson of Banal Pig gives us a glorious "gradual reveal" page where each panel in an enormous grid reveals a bit more of a larger scene. Steve Ward's Invisual Arts is a gorgeous-looking darkly-comic page, and Lord Hurk's back cover comic "Lonely Bomb" is fantastic. And that's just 8 of the 20-odd pages in there. It's great. Check it out.

More info at The Comix Reader.


Comix Reader Monthly Meeting

Flyer designed by Alex Potts using a photo from the first ever Comix Reader meeting.

From the Facebook page (I don't know who answered the question) :

Q : What happens at these meetings??

A : Some comics people gather once a month in a Samuel Smith Pub and talk. Often someone brings a comic they like, or some of their own work, to show. Most have been in The Comix Reader but not everyone, it's not cliquey. No one dresses as a fantasy character or anything like that. Personally I find after going to it I feel better about comics, whereas most comics related events leave me feeling bad. If you're free come along - it'll likely be upstairs.


Overview Celebrating 2012: Ten UK Small Press Comics You Need to Own!

The Comix Reader
Anthology – Various creators
The newspaper feel of The Comix Reader, and that larger size presentation, give it a true comix vibe; a sensation of something slightly underground and ephemeral in tone. It’s a real grab-bag of styles and approaches with each strip generally having just a one-page canvas on which to present its narrative or make its point. Cheaply-priced and so accessible; its 2012 editions were a fantastic starting point for further investigation of the work of the small press creators within its pages.
Small Pressganged review here.
Small Pressganged soundbite: At an incredibly affordable price of just one shiny pound coin it means that even if you only enjoy half the strips on offer here you still come out a winner. Only the cheapest of churls could surely argue otherwise.
Visit The Comix Reader site here. Buy copies here.

(From Andy Oliver's Smallpressganged on  Broken Frontier.)