Overview Celebrating 2012: Ten UK Small Press Comics You Need to Own!

The Comix Reader
Anthology – Various creators
The newspaper feel of The Comix Reader, and that larger size presentation, give it a true comix vibe; a sensation of something slightly underground and ephemeral in tone. It’s a real grab-bag of styles and approaches with each strip generally having just a one-page canvas on which to present its narrative or make its point. Cheaply-priced and so accessible; its 2012 editions were a fantastic starting point for further investigation of the work of the small press creators within its pages.
Small Pressganged review here.
Small Pressganged soundbite: At an incredibly affordable price of just one shiny pound coin it means that even if you only enjoy half the strips on offer here you still come out a winner. Only the cheapest of churls could surely argue otherwise.
Visit The Comix Reader site here. Buy copies here.

(From Andy Oliver's Smallpressganged on  Broken Frontier.)

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