Gareth Brookes' The Black Project – Book Release and Two Upcoming Exhibitions

The Black Project comes to bookstores this September.

Between September 4th and 7th there will also be an exhibition of some of the original lino prints and embroideries that went into The Black Project, plus one or two surprise installations. It’ll all be at the London Print Studio, London W10 4RE. Further info here.

Then, as part of The Lakes International Comic Art Festival, Gareth will be showing work at the Castle Dairy in a show entitled ‘Getting Yourself A Girlfriend is Easy’ between the 16th September and November 10th. Info about all the exhibitions taking place can be found here.


Comix Reader 5 Preview Art

The Comix Reader issue 5 cover detail by Alex Potts :

Alex Potts

Not only has Alex Potts drawn the cover, he's also contributing his best Comix Reader strip so far. The first few panels are below.

Next we have artwork by Bernadette Bentley, and like Alex Potts, it's also her best strip so far for the Reader. It reminds me somehow of Rodolphe Töpffer.

Here's a bit of Thor Gang Four, a totally gonzoid and highly creative strip by Lord Hurk for CR5. Wonderful design and colours... really a great page.

Below is the first tier of Peter Lally's Opus 15, aka "Taxi". Typically raw and intense, it features a (probably real) character you'd likely rather view from a safe distance. It's the kind of strip that makes doing The Comix Reader feel worthwhile and it's Peter's best comics work so far.